Thursday, August 1, 2013

more B-day Flash backs!

Here's some pics from my 1st bday pawty
Me and good furrends Darwin and Memphis:
 Good game of tug with Memphis:
 Bunches of good furrends celebrating:

My 2nd Bday:
Just chillin at the pawk:
 Furrends started showing up and it was a pawty.  I'm furry happy!
Way cool gift from Memphis, which I still use today!

My 3rd bday:
Obviously mom was slacking that year cuz I had no pawty (boo):

Mom says I'm supposed to be getting a big bday pressie today, and will have a little b-lated bday celebration soon, so hopefully I'll get to share pictures about that.


  1. Happy Birthday. We can't wait to see your big present
    Benny & Lily

  2. Aww we remember that party! It was so much fun!
    How is Memphis doing?!

    1. Memphis is doing really well. His dad got married last weekend.