Monday, April 16, 2012

Furrst Trip with the Port 'O House this year!

A few days ago, we went on our first camping trip of the year. 
  It turned out to be a really nice day here, which was a nice surprise!
We set up the port'o house.
 There were some hooooge trees at that place.  
I did my darnest to mark as high up as I could.
I put on my tough look to guard our site.
  We went for a walk down to the river, where dad said there would probably be good fishin'.
 It was a good adventure.  
Can't wait for the next trip with the port-o house!


  1. Remi... You KNOW how much I love your Port'a House and all the fun you have takin it out and about. I am glad that it has Sprung fur Spring.

  2. What a beautiful day. We love the little pop up
    Benny & Lily

  3. Forest fun for youuuuu Remi - lucky boy. The forest is my favourite place ever. xxx Look forward to an update. Anything to chase in there?