Sunday, January 8, 2012

My MMA New Year's Eve Celebration!!!!!

It's taken me a while to post this, but it took me a few days to recover before I could blog again.

I got a grrrrreat surrrrprrrrise on New Years' Eve when Memphis, my bestest bud ever, showed up at my house!!!
Awwwright!!!  Some down home MMA action!!!!
Dude!!! Are you eating your own foot!?!


Chomp, back attcha!

Whew!!! Taking a breather and watching the folks eat.

We were totally pooped out, so Memphis crashed on one of my beds and I crashed on the other.
Good friends and MMA.  Is there any better way to ring in the New Year!!!!!!  
Happy 2012 everyone!!!!!


  1. That's a great way to celebrate New Year! We were actually down in your neck of the woods at our friends house in Federal Way! hehe

  2. It looks like you and Memphis had a BLAST!!!
    Play bows,

  3. Chomp Chomp Chomp! Looks like you guys had a blast at your NYE Party!:)

  4. BOL, we thought you were dancing for a minute
    Benny & Lily