Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend, pt II

After we spent some time in the porta-dog house, we went for a hike.
Hmm... Where are we going hiking today?
  Umm....What's this sign say?

"Rattlesnake Ledge" 

Zoinks!!!  Seriously?!?

Surprisingly enough, I didn't see/smell any snakeys along the way.
The hike was good and the view from the top was breath taking! 

After lunch at the top, we headed back down.

Where do you think mom and dad will take me next?
..."Velociraptor Valley"?!!?


  1. REMI... the COLORS and the VIEW... Astounding. I am soooooo glad that there were no rattle snakes though.

  2. Your mountains are bee-youty-ful remi!

  3. that looks like a great hike! The pictures are beautiful!